Do you remember the road safety campaign from a number of years ago that involved Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) and a small robot. The aim of the campaign was to to teach kids about road safety. The years have now passed and the small robot was forgotten, left in the back of a shed, until now. After all these years the Green Cross Code Robot is going to be reborn, given a full electronics make over and brought back to life.A massive thanks to Dave Prowse for giving me the opportunity to rebuild this iconic piece of television history.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Droid almost complete

All the electronics have now arrived so I can start getting this Droid moving.
Radio system I have gone for is a 2.4ghz one which will be ideal for public events with such a large droid. It is also computer programmable which is an extra bonus.

Dimension engineering, Sabretooth Electronic Speed control systems for the main drive and head.

Power coupling connectors for connecting the main body to the motor drive base.
The top body section and base can be separated for transporting to events.

Starting the wire up the ESC system. I like fuses. Each component has its own fused circuit just in case.

Mounting the motor power coupling. 

It is easy to reach down into the body and connect and disconnect the base and top section connector

Main power switch is under the left hand side wing, hidden from view.

Fitting the 24v to 12v step down convertor for the lighting and dome motor.

Power for the lights at last, we have life.

The lights were a bit bright and had hots spots. A better diffuser was fitted making the light much more even.

There is now not much more to do. There is a some finishing of the power connectors and the wiring all needs to be secured with cable ties. I think I might add some under body green neons just for fun.
The sound system needs sorting out, probably a Blue tooth receiver will be fitted to keep things very simple.
I will add some videos she the Droid moves for the first time.

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